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Why need SEO

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  • Get A Google & Yahoo CERTIFIED Company to Optimize Your Website
  • Guaranteed ORGANIC SEO Technique
  • Results Guaranteed else Your MONEY BACK

To succeed, your website needs to be found.
Where is the first place you look, when you want to find some information fast? Exactly – you go online. And so does everybody else. Hundreds of millions of times a day.

With 75% of clicks belonging to organic links, how many customers are you missing by not optimizing your search marketing strategy? The numbers speak for themselves. And, at LOCUS-T, so do our results.

A couple of statistics for you to know: -

There are 16 million internet visits locally. That is about 63% of the total population.

There is a total of 2 billion internet users using the internet worldwide.

So, while search engine marketing is the most powerful tool in an online marketer’s toolbox, it’s critically important that your company or brand be at the head of the line when your customer starts shopping and looking for answers.

Whether you want to increase awareness or acquire more customers, every dollar spent must yield more targeted visitors – visitors interested in what you have to say, and motivated to take action. We leverage market data insights, along with a deep understanding of your site visitors, to build a custom solution that will yield more than just traffic; it will yield tangible results for your business.

We deliver industry-leading practices in site optimization while harnessing the emergence of social media (consumer-generated content). Our SEO Plus™ solutions increase qualified traffic, enhance brand awareness, and provide the competitive edge to rank atop major search engines.

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Malaysia SEO start with LOCUS-T

When an enterprise desires to boost their online presence by way of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) however they tend not to invest more compared to what their spending budget makes it possible in, they ought to opt for LOCUS-T. A professional Internet Marketing Company that has assisted numerous businesses in Malaysia as well as all over the world, LOCUS-T ensures full satisfaction for every client that requests for their aid.

The 1st organization in Malaysia becomes a Google AdWords Certified Partner and Yahoo! Search Marketing (SEA) Authorized Reseller; LOCUS-T in addition has a money-back assurance program. Since there are 16 million distinctive visits within the Internet each day in Malaysia, this could be capitalized on as a result of LOCUS-T. Through the entire process, LOCUS-T will explain by way of their ideas as to what keywords they believe must show up on an internet site. Their location or even the services which a business provides are appropriate choices. LOCUS-T constantly thinks about Google's Panda update constantly so the websites that they write content for should never be considered “rubbish”. Regardless of whether their customers aren't pleased with the standard of work that is delivered to them, LOCUS-T will nevertheless reimburse the amount of money that was initially committed to their SEO Malaysia services.